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Rainbow Spectrum Cleaning takes advanced measures to disinfect all kinds of surfaces for your establishment.

We are on the leading edge when it comes to deep cleaning and disinfecting with foggers and misters.

Since the recent flu has been getting so much attention and especially in regards to how long it can live on surfaces (in some cases more than one week) we are helping a wide variety of businesses protect their staff and patrons with deep cleaning and disinfecting with foggers and misters.

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Featured article in TCPalm!

Rainbow Spectrum Cleaning: 30 years of service to Jupiter and beyond

Rainbow Spectrum Cleaning and the Rossi name were synonymous with superior service, integrity, reliability and soon word of mouth began to spread throughout Palm Beach County.

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Rainbow Spectrum Cleaning, your solution for any commercial cleaning needs. We are family owned and operated but with a large team of experienced experts in the “family”. Corporate and commerical cleaning needs are different than any others and our 24/7 live connection is always available. We service South Florida counties of Palm Beach and Broward. Let’s get started quoting your project today.

Rainbow Spectrum Cleaning Services, Inc. is a full service, family owned, commercial cleaning company in Jupiter, Florida that specializes in providing your business with quality services at a competitive price.

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